The economy’s stability was a kind of survival. The keeping of things as they are, a kind of survival. The maintenance of a job through faultlessly following rules and order, a kind of survival.

10 Chicken Shit Facts

Facts to share with friends and family. Try them out at family dinners, school events, or even dates. This ball of trivia is sure to impress whoever you're with.


Their clothes were grey and well-tailored, fitting slender, toned bodies with clean, creamy skin. Their teeth were white as the rabies foam she had seen on a tabby around the corner.


He takes me to the place with the blunt knives and the slow kids, chopped up on plates for the masses, carefully arranged and fresh.


His body is large and cumbersome, yet gracefully does he sit on my chest, his plummaged arse in my face, and feasts to his contentment on my squidgy offal.

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