10 Chicken Shit Facts

1. A tonne of white sludge is called a punnet

2. Your left thumb can actually fly, but is weighed down by the rest of your body

3. Twenty-seven is the best number

4. West Londoners use the letter ‘y’ more than any other letter

5. If you can touch your nose with your tongue, your ancestors were brunette and didn’t like sour cream

6. Calling your teacher ‘mum’ is a sign of intelligence at a young age, and a sign of creepiness at an older age

7. Playing tennis makes your elbows start creating their own steroids. At a professional level, they already control a complex drug kingdom which the US uses as a business model

8. Leaves are really good at staring competitions

9. Facebook knows how you’re feeling, but likes to ask anyway

10. Milk substitutes such as soy and almonds are causing global warming by irritating staunch anti-vegans into a warm, glowing rage


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