running for bussy

So we left you on the beach and you stayed there till we came back the next night, the note now-read, battery-packs in hand. Prisca plugged them into you and stood way back, maybe scared of being zapped, as I was just by association.


This is on melancholy fall on your knees kind of despair because you don’t get the treacle-thick sickly -i’ve had enough grandma thank you- kind of helpless full So here to explain is my elbow i am used but not useful i am here but when do you remember me maybe useful but don’t feel... Continue Reading →


He had a crisp in his mouth. It was dangling. He didn’t seem to remember he had been eating them. He picked up another but it never quite made it to his mouth. Hovering. His whole body was ephemeral. I willed him to lick and chew. People were starting to make comments. I didn’t know... Continue Reading →

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